User experiences from dairy farmers about automatic feeding

This dairy farm has been feeding automatically for 15 years

Het is altijd een gezellig weerzien met de familie Petter en Herman van Dijk op melkveebedrijf het Ommerkanaal in Ommen. Aan de keukentafel zitten Henry en Arie Petter en nadat ze de gasten een heerlijke kop koffie heeft ingeschonken en heeft voorzien van een lekker gebakje, schuift Annie ook…

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Much less residual feed

  • Company: Farm Deiman-Ottens
  • Number of cows: 530, of which 250 dairy cows (including 30 dry cows), 180 young stock and 100 bulls.
  • Number of feedings a day: 34, divided over the different groups: 20 for the dairy cows, 4 for the dry cows (two groups), 7 for the young stock (four groups) and 3 for…
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"Feeding always goes ahead, whatever the circumstances"

Berthold and Nina Altemeyer, from Salzbergen in Germany, have a beef farm with 360 cattle that are fed using a Triomatic T30 automatic feeding system. When asked why they opted for automatic feeding, Nina does not hesitate to answer: "Certainty!" For her, the Triomatic system is the same as having a…

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More goats and less work

Bart Smolders opted in favour of an automated feeding system rather than staff.

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"Capacity and mixing quality were the deciding factors"

It is remarkably calm in the stables, the cows are lying around contentedly chewing their cud or standing curiously by the gate. There's nothing to show how hard at work they are. Mr. Verweij is a dairy farmer and cheesemaker. Together with his wife and two brothers, he runs the family business in…

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Dairy farm Petter using Triomatic automatic feeding system for over a decade

"It's possible to feed multiple groups, several times a day. That is an important factor. The better you can treat the dry cows, the better they deliver and the less problems you get later on."

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The Mulder family and their automatic feeding robot

"The cows are healthy and happy, and you can see that from the quiet in the barn. It also saves a huge amount of time. Before I used to spend at least two hours a day feeding. Now it takes me half an hour"

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