News articles about automatic feeding

Promotion: Free power rail with purchase of Triomatic feeding robot.

Birthdays deserve to be celebrated! This year will be the 15th anniversary of our Triomatic automatic feeding system!

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NEW! Triomatic feeding robot on battery

No need for a rail!

Trioliet presents its new feeding robot - the Triomatic WB 2 300 with battery drive. The Triomatic WB travels along the feed fence and across the yard without rails, it follows an induction loop or transponders in the ground.

The new robot will be added to the existing…

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More goats and less work

Bart Smolders opted in favour of an automated feeding system rather than staff. "Anyone who makes the transition from feeding with one basic ration to accurately feeding in groups using a feeding robot will really see a big difference in results."

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"Capacity and Mixing Quality Were the Deciding Factors"

Cheesemaker Cock Verweij Chose the Triomatic Automatic Feeding System. "If we didn't have such a good feeding robot, we would have to hire extra personnel. But even then, we wouldn't have the flexibility we have now."

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Dairy farm Petter using Triomatic automatic feeding system for over a decade

"It's possible to feed multiple groups, several times a day. That is an important factor. The better you can treat the dry cows, the better they deliver and the less problems you get later on."

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Invest in automatization or in labour?

Investing in automation may not instantly seem like the obvious thing for a livestock farmer to do. But the reality may actually be quite different than it appears on first sight. After all, the work still needs to be done. Many farmers are asking themselves: “Should I hire more employees?” But then…

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Trioliet wins silver with Triomatic T40 New Edition automated feeding system

Trioliet has won the silver medal of the EuroTier Innovation Award 2016 for its new cutting frame on the Triomatic T40 New Edition automatic feeding system. An independent jury rewarded the new circular knives with silver as one of the winners from among 251 nominations, and it was the savings in…

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Automatic feeding is better for both my cows and my wallet

Automatic feeding probably appears expensive at first glance, but when you look at the annual costs, it is actually cheaper than conventional feeding. What's more, this is before you even take account of the technical feedstuff aspects. Because if you look in detail at automated feeding, you will…

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