User experiences from dairy farmers about automatic feeding


More goats and less work

Bart Smolders opted in favour of an automated feeding system rather than staffMore »


"Capacity and mixing quality were the deciding factors"

Automatic Feeding Name: Mr. Verweij Company: Cheese farm Verweij in Polsbroek (Utrecht), the NetherlandsNumber of dairy cows: 340Workers: 6 full-time employeesFeeds with: Triomatic T40 New Edition...
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The Mulder family and their automatic feeding robot

"The cows are healthy and happy, and you can see that from the quiet in the barn. It also saves a huge amount of time. Before I used to spend at least two hours a day feeding. Now it takes me half an hour"More »


Dairy farm Petter using Triomatic automatic feeding system for over a decade

"It's possible to feed multiple groups, several times a day. That is an important factor. The better you can treat the dry cows, the better they deliver and the less problems you get later on."More »