Trioliet wins silver with Triomatic T40 New Edition automated feeding system

Trioliet has won the silver medal of the EuroTier Innovation Award 2016 for its new cutting frame on the Triomatic T40 New Edition automatic feeding system. An independent jury rewarded the new circular knives with silver as one of the winners from among 251 nominations, and it was the savings in energy, work and costs delivered by the system that clinched the prize. The new cutting frame cuts the feed precisely while retaining the feed's structure. In addition, its energy and maintenance costs are low.

Automatic feeding with Triomatic T40 New Edition can save up to 50% power consumption

Thanks to the simplified technique of the circular cutting blades power consumption can be reduced by up to 50%. The system of Trioliet requires only 0.5 to 1.0 kWh per load. Compared to the conventional systems, this is very low. The maintenance costs compared to the former system are also significantly lower. Besides the circular cutting knives are easy to change. You only need to solve four screws to exchange the knife. Simple, quick and easy.

The only automatic feeding system with circular knives

The Triomatic T40 is the only automatic feeding system with circular cutting blades. Other systems mill or grab and disturb the feed structure. The Triomatic T40 with New Edition easily cuts silage blocks, round and quarter bales under remaining the feed structure intact. The cutting surface remains firm and intact and there is no secondary fermentation. This means no losses and ensure cost savings.

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