NEW! Triomatic feeding robot on battery

No need for a rail!

Trioliet presents its new feeding robot - the Triomatic WB 2 250 with battery drive. The Triomatic WB 2 250 travels along the feed fence and across the yard without rails, it follows an induction loop or transponders in the ground.

The new robot will be added to the existing Triomatic model range. The current models are the Triomatic HP (Hanging Power Rail) and the Triomatic WP (Wheeled Power Rail). The Triomatic WB (Wheeled Battery) does not need a power rail, neither in the stable, nor outside. The robot works with a 600 volt Nickel battery. Nickel batteries have a lot of capacity, a long service life and do not require a long charging cycle. In addition, there is no fire hazard as with lithium ion batteries. 

Driving and mixing with mains power 
The battery charging system is located on the robot. The battery is charged on a power rail installed in the feed kitchen. The robot can charge the battery on this section with sliding contacts, so that the robot does not necessarily have to stop at one point. When the robot is docked on the power rail, all functions (driving, mixing, etc.) are performed directly via mains voltage, since all drive motors are three-phase motors. This gives the Triomatic WB robot more capacity than comparable DC systems, and it extends the battery life. 

Two augers mix better than one
The mixing tub of the Triomatic WB 2 250 is equipped with two vertical mixing augers, both made of wear-resistant stainless steel. The twin-auger mixing technology mixes the feed better than only one mixing auger, and it can mix smaller loads - starting from as low as 60kg. Thanks to the automatic counter-knives and three knives per auger, the feed can be chopped so that the animals cannot select. The robot has a capacity of 2.5 cubic metres. This is enough to feed about 300 livestock several times a day. 

When discharging, only the auger on the side of the discharge door runs. The second one is switched on when the feed is below an adjustable level, thus saving energy and increasing capacity. Discharging is carried out by means of a cross conveyor belt. 

Object detectors and feed pusher
The chassis is equipped with four large solid rubber wheels: two drive wheels in the middle under the robot, and one support wheel each at the front and rear. The Triomatic WB finds its way through the stable via an induction loop or transponders in the ground. For safety reasons, a bumper is mounted on both sides of the robot and the robot can optionally be equipped with object detectors. The feed pusher is mounted on the chassis and pushes the feed during discharging. The robot can also push between the feeds at any time.

All settings can be made directly on the robot touch screen. It is also possible to make changes via remote access with a PC, smartphone, tablet, etc. The robot is filled by one of the proven Trioliet feed kitchens, depending on the customer's requirements: Triomatic T10, T20, T30 or T40.

The advantages of the Triomatic WB feeding robot on battery:

• Driving and mixing on mains voltage in the feed kitchen
• Two augers mix better than one
• Suitable for feeding around 300 head several times a day
• Mixing tub with 2.5m3 capacity
• Mixes according to Dual Flow-principle
• Follows route via an induction loop or transponders in the floor
• 600 Volt Nickel battery
• Short charging cycle
• No fire hazard such as Lithium Ion batteries
• 3-phase motors
• Including feed pusher 


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